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Mais Kizomba Hits 2

Many music collectors and enthusiasts like myself don’t easily get excited about a CD with various artists. Quite often those records are a compilation of two hit songs supplemented with disappointing songs that are literally cheap because little or no compensation is required by the original record labels. How different is the Mais Kozomba Hits 2 compilation, that was released last month. Almost all songs are outstanding, which makes it one of the best buys to introduce oneself in the kizomba genre.

It is obvious to point out the biggest kizomba hit on the album, the song Jajão by the Angolan artists Master Jake and Eddy Flow, an instant hit on the kizomba dance floors.

With the increasing significance of the music genre and expanding popularity of the dance style, it is interesting to see how the music adapts to a more urban character, while drawing inspiration from zouk, heavy (house) beats, R&B and indigenous (African) music. The two songs below are good examples of this phenomenom.

The CD offers a great section through kizomba in the Lusophone African countries, Brasil and Portugal. Only those who favor French kizomba should look for another compilation, for Mais Kizomba is focusing on Portuguese music.