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Daddy Lumba – Awoso

There is a range of legendary artists on the African continent with a big track record behind their names, who just seem to forget promotion of their music. It can be very difficult with those artists to take notice of their new releases. Take Daddy Lumba for instance, Ghana top highlife vocalist with 27 albums to his credit. Some 2 months ago he has released a new album called Awoso. There is one particular song instantly taking me back to the streets of Accra and Kumasi and that I would like to share, Nea Nyame Tumi Ye.

The vocals, guitar and bass seem to be the only parts that are recorded in the studio, but the rest is just as well part of the Lumba vibes easily reaching your ears. This is one to put on repeat for a while (or skip back to 5:34 in the video).