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Victor Manuelle – Que Suenen Los Tambores

Inspired by Gilberto Santa Rosa, Puerto Rican salsa singer Victor Manuelle follows his own course with the release of his 16th studio album, Que Suenen Los Tambores. It is an extraordinary sharp record, arguably one if not the best release in his musical career so far. Three singles have been released ahead of the album launch, of which the title-song had set the highest anticipation.

Victor Manuelle (El Sonero de la Juventud) is known for his salsa romantica, but Que Suenen Los Tambores has a lot of variety in terms of salsa styles and rhythms. Not a single song is inferior to the others. From the vallenato accordion in the intro of Agua Bendita, the salsa dura of Sal A Bailar, the classic salsa composition Isabela, to the breezy and romantic composition of La Vida Perfection, this is a very vibrant album that must be part of your latin CD collection.

Elvis Crespo – One Flag

Two weeks ago merengue-star Elvis Crespo has released his 10th studio album, One Flag. It can be claimed that the Latin Grammy Award-winning  singer’s fame is still attributable to his first single, Suavemente – the merengue counterpart of Aventura’s Obsession. However, the American-born Puerto Rican artist is able to exceed this previous success with this new CD.

2013.12.28 Elvis Crespo - One Flag

The most sticky songs on the album are featured: Pegaito Suevecito featuring Fito Blanko from Panama and Sopa De Caracol featuring the popular American-Cuban Pitbull. No Hay Compromiso, among with the majority of the other songs on the album, has those typical pounding merengue beats indeed without concessions.

This album is another example of the trend that, with the increasingly prominent presence of uptempo electronic beats, different latin and caribbean genres such as reggaeton, merengue and dancehall are mingling together into a new blend of urban latin pop. Bembe De Infieles is the best example of this.

Marc Anthony – 3.0

Undeniably, the ultimate Latin album release this summer was  Marc Anthony’s comeback on the 23rd of July. Although the name 3.0 suggests another rebirth of the widely loved Puerto Rican celebrity, it is the same Marc Anthony on top of his salsa game.

When you are into the salsa scene, you have definitely heard most of the album on the dance floor already: the strong melodies, the decent build-up of songs, the vivid horn and piano sections, and the deep emotive vocals.
Releasing Vivir Mi Vida as the first single had been a safe choice, but you’ll find songs like Volver A Commenzar, Flor Palida and Espera much more musical. That being said, it’s a shame the 10th and last track had to be a repulsive mix of the hit single. The only blemish on the album, really.

If Marc Anthony’s melodramatic voice fits your taste, this album is likely to surpass your favorite covers on El Cantante.