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Ir-Sais ft. Rocco Flava & Dando – ABC

A number of artists with strong roots in the Dutch Antilles have recently established their musical language and done justice to their talent. One of them is Ir-sais (Irgwin Placido Sluis), who was raised on the Caribbean island of Bonaire. His latest hit single is called ABC, an abbreviation for Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. The lyrics are written in Papiamento and the genre could be referred to as a mix of zouk and pop music.
Check out the video below that leaves nothing to be desired for the promotion of the ABC-islands.

Ir-Sais has started a producer studio at his home, mixing zouk with pop and appealing to a growing crowd of Antilles music lovers. With the quality of songs like ABC one would soon expect an audience outside the Caribbean and the Netherlands and it is hoped that the Papiemento dialect is no hindrance. Wasn’t ABC one of the first signature songs of Michael Jackson when he was still part of the Jackson 5?

Enrique Iglesias – Bailando

It is time for me to nominate a song for this year’s summer hit. Gente De Zona and Descemer Bueno have written and recorded the song earlier this year in Cuba, but it was only after their collaboration with Spanish singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias when the song rocketed into a commercial success.  Bailando has all the ingredients to become a summer smash, such as a swinging beat, Spanish guitar, catchy melody and lyrics full of mentions of party, dancing and sex.

Different versions of the song have been released, but I would like to share the ‘Spanglish’ version featuring Sean Paul. The video was filmed in Santa Domingo and lives up to the song’s name with a convincing choreography of sensual flamenco girls, street dancers and soccer.

Tiken Jah Fakoly – Dernier Appel

Tiken Jah Fakoly has announced his 8th studio album by launching its title song, Dernier Appel. This time the Ivorian reggae singer has swapped the sword of his previous album (African Revolution) for a speaker.

Tiken Jah Fakoly - Dernier Appel

One would have to appreciate the fact that Tiken Jah upholds the French language, risking a smaller audience. His new song sets high expectations for the upcoming album, and fans of African reggae will instantly pick up on the warm french flow so typical for this sub genre.

The album Dernier Appel will be released on June 2 and contains 10 songs, 3 of them with featured artists: Alpha Blondy, Nneka and Patrice.

Fanny Lu feat. Joey Montana – Mujeres

This song could have been a summer hit if it had been launched a little later. Colombian multi-talent Fanny Lú (she is a singer-songwriter, actress, mother and industrial engineer) has joined forces with Joey Montana from Panama. Both artists are entirely in their comfort zones with this poppy merengue hit. The lyrics have a feminist edge but the tune is too happy to even bother. Here it is:

P-Square – Taste The Money (Testimony)

A very uplifting hit song has come out of Nigeria from star duo P-Square this week. The tune follows up Personally and also refers to other hits such as E No Easy and Chop My Money. The naija twins deliver a very sticky song that will hit all over Africa and beyond.

The song is free for download and likely to be housed on their forthcoming studio album: one to look forward to. Them a killing the beat and giving them hit!

Busy Signal ft. Exco Levi – Wicked Evil Man

For a roots reggae lover, coming across good new songs can be a rare matter these days. While the last heroes of the founding generation have passed away or seemed to have gone into retirement unnoticed, it is good to have an artist like Busy Signal, who can be innovative and reinventing through music at the same time.
One of his latest songs features the promising voice of Exco Levi. There are several of his lines directly connecting to the heydays of Black Uhuru. The occasional melodica completes this regenerating reference to the reggae of the 70’s.

The going home riddim also worked on the dance floor last night!

Dr. Jose Chameleone – Tubonge

Jose Chameleone

Dr. Jose Chameleone has released a new song called ‘Tubonge’. It was issued this week and according to his Facebook profile the video clip is ‘charged up’. Tubonge is trying out his trusty recipe, merging rumba guitars, gospel and an African zouk beat. The song is more up-tempo and less repetitive than ‘Badilisha‘, his previous hit single, and the build-up to the chorus is likely to take crowds away instantly. 

Unlike many of his West-African contemporaries, Ugandan superstar Chameleone often sings in his native language (Luganda), immersing his songs in African swag.
Enjoy his new hit song and check the video!

Prince Royce – Invisible

Why not post a melodramatic but beautiful bachata song after being DJ in the bachata/kizomba room of a salsa party last night?

Prince Royce (Geoffrey Royce Rojas), born in New York but of Dominican heritage, now has 3 albums behind his name. He follows in the footsteps of Romeo Santos (Aventura), who has also been successful in popularizing bachata music.

His third album (Soy El Mismo, released on October 8) features several solid and self-written songs with a lot of hit potential. The name of Prince Royce has definitively been established in the bachata scene and he can be assured of greater numbers of screaming girls at his concerts.