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Tarrus Riley Live

The honorable mister Dean Fraser underlined 10 years of Tarrus Riley‘s musical history at the beginning of the concert in a lyrical way: “…when this singer started to sing he had many Challenges. And then these Challenges became Parables. And these Parables soon became very Contagious…”.
After an out of place acoustic album, the Jamaican reggae singer made a good comeback with his fifth album in February of this year: Love Situation. The album is a throwback to classic Jamaican rocksteady and currently being promoted in Europe.

2014.10.15 Tarrus Riley Live

The show was opened by female singer Alaine. Although not my taste of music, she managed to set the atmosphere before Tarrus Riley made his entrance. I have to admit I was afraid of an R&B-ish concert, but the Black Soil Band didn’t bring any of that. Dean Fraser’s musicians play very tight while visibly making fun on stage at the same time.
With decent (roots) reggae concerts becoming rare events these days, this was one of the most versatile shows that I’ve seen in a long time. Although using a lot of existing rhythms – both old and new – Tarrus Riley´s remarkable voice easily adapts the songs to be his own. On top of that, there is a lot of interaction with the audience.

Peaks in the concert where a Buju Banton tribute over Special Occassion, the hit song Gimme Likkle One Drop, the medley Let’s Do It Again / Protect The People / Karma and older songs such as Lion Paw and Good Girl Gone Bad.